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Woman climbs electric pole in UP after fight with husband


LUCKNOW: A 34-year-old woman attempted suicide on Wednesday by climbing an electric pole and grabbing onto a

high-tension wire



. The incident arose from a dispute with her


regarding her involvement in an extramarital relationship.
According to the


, the woman, identified as Suman Devi, 34, and a mother of three, was engaged in an alleged affair.

Upon her husband, Ram Govind, 35, discovering this, she demanded that her lover live with them.
When Govind refused and left the house, Devi attempted suicide by climbing the electric pole and gripping a high-tension wire.

Prompt action by people at the scene alerted the authorities, leading the police to swiftly engage the local electricity department to disconnect power supply, ultimately saving the woman’s life.
A video of the incident is going viral on social media, showing the woman perched atop an electric pole while locals plead with her to come down.

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