Woman ‘abandoned after sex change operation’

PRAYAGRAJ: A 22-year-old


in UP‘s Kaushambi district has accused her partner of coercing her into undergoing a

sex change

operation in order to marry him, only to abandon her a few months later. The victim has filed a complaint against the “husband”, his father, and uncle, alleging assault, theft of money, and making casteist remarks.
According to the victim, who resides in Majhiyarai Chak, she fell in love with a man from Hishambad in 2016. The accused allegedly compelled her to undergo a sex change operation, after which they got married at a local temple approximately two years ago.
They began living as husband and wife, with the accused promising not to abandon the victim despite societal and family pressure. “However, their relationship deteriorated, and the accused started neglecting and eventually abandoned the victim two to three months ago,” Kaushambi SP Brijesh Kumar Srivastava said.
The victim reported that the “husband” is now ignoring her calls. She also claimed the accused’s father and uncle threatened him and forcibly took away Rs 6 lakh of her earnings from singing and dancing. “Besides, I spent Rs 8 lakh for the sex change surgery,” the transwoman said.

SP Srivastava said the accused’s family members disputed the victim’s account, asserting that the complainant was already a transgender individual and had not undergone any sex change surgery.
“When the police requested details of the hospital where the operation was performed, the victim could not provide the information and offered excuses. An investigation is on,” the office said.

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