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Will ‘liberate’ India from BJP in 2029, declares Kejriwal


NEW DELHI: Aam Aadmi Party is the biggest challenger to BJP and that is why it’s under attack from all sides, CM Arvind


said on Thursday. AAP’s national convener said even if BJP wins this year’s Lok Sabha polls,


will “liberate” India from the saffron party in 2029 elections.
Kejriwal was speaking on the floor of Delhi legislative assembly, concluding discussion on the “motion of confidence” he had moved to prove that his legislators were firmly behind the party despite BJP’s alleged attempts to poach them by offering money and tickets to contest elections.

AAP, which has 62 members in the 70-member assembly, won the trust vote with a voice vote.
‘BJP spreading rumour about assembly dissolution’

While seven of the eight BJP MLAs were absent following their suspension a day earlier for interrupting the lieutenant governor’s address, the lone BJP legislator voted against the motion. Fifty-four AAP MLAs were present while two are currently lodged in jail, two were unwell, three were travelling and one was not present due to a wedding in his family, Kejriwal said.
The AAP chief also alleged that BJP was spreading a “rumour” that the assembly will be dissolved after LS polls.

“This country is not anyone’s property that they can dissolve the assembly just like that. I challenge BJP to contest elections on this issue. BJP should clarify whether they will dissolve the assembly after Lok Sabha polls,” Kejriwal said, urging his party’s legislators to tell people that their right to vote would be “snatched” if they voted for BJP.
He asserted that even if BJP got the assembly dissolved, AAP will continue to serve the people of Delhi.
“We will keep serving people whether we remain MLAs, ministers, CM or not. I want to assure you that I will continue to fight for your interests till my last breath,” Kejriwal said.
This is the third time in a span of two years that AAP govt moved a confidence motion. On the other two occasions too — in Aug 2022 and March 2023 — the issue pertained to the same allegation, that BJP had tried poaching its MLAs.
Kejriwal launched a scathing attack on BJP and its govt at the Centre while highlighting the achievements of AAP govts in Delhi and Punjab. He also charged BJP with starting false cases of corruption against AAP and trying to arrest him. Kejriwal said if he was arrested, one lakh more will be born out of “Bharat Mata”. The AAP leader said he had faced attacks in the past, been slapped and got ink thrown at him.
“You may arrest me but how will you finish Kejriwal’s thoughts and blessings of two crore people… there are many Abhimanyus here, not just one, who will come out of their Chakravyuh of deceit,” the chief minister said, adding that his govt had done remarkable work to improve health, education, power and water supply in the capital. Kejriwal alleged that BJP was obstructing the work of his govt by taking control over the services department and the bureaucracy and was threatening IAS officers to refrain from cooperating with the ministers.
“They claim to be Ram bhakts but they stopped medicines for poor people in our hospitals,” he said.
Responding to allegations of scam in Delhi govt levelled by the leader of the opposition, Kejriwal asked where the money to “poach” opposition MLAs by BJP in Karnataka, Goa, MP and other states came from. He claimed AAP was pursuing “punya ki rajneeti (politics of virtue)” by serving people while BJP was trying to send opposition leaders to jail and freeze bank accounts of other parties under its “paap ki rajneeti (evil politics)”.

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