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Why Zerodha’s Nikhil Kamath said: ‘Hum sab marne wale hain’


Nikhil Kamath

, India’s

youngest billionaire



co-founder, recently spoke to young


about his life philosophy. Despite dropping out of school, Kamath’s rise to success, with a net worth of $3.1 billion, is remarkable. According to ET, Kamath has stressed on the need to lighten up in life, drawing from his own school days filled with fear and insecurity.

Kamath’s motto, ‘Hum sab marne wale hain’ (We all are going to die), urges him and others not to fret over minor setbacks or worries.
Kamath shared a video on his social media handle, X (formerly known as Twitter), in which he told young entrepreneurs, “Whenever something small has happened and I have let it affect me more than it should, there is one motto I follow in life now… . at the end of it if you don’t do well in exam, you are jealous of another friend in school or college or that girl you like does not not like you back…don’t take life more seriously than it has to be. ‘Hum sab marne wale hain‘. Have more fun in life.”
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He captioned the video with the statement, “I hated school growing up, was scared of all my teachers, and lived in fear of everything. Don’t be me. Nothing is permanent, to where the world is going, time spent on conformity/judgement is just time wasted…”

At the event, the Zerodha co-founder urged entrepreneurs to take risks and pursue their dreams. He introduced the WTFund, a fund that doesn’t diminish ownership stakes, aimed at supporting entrepreneurs aged 25 and under. With a grant of Rs 20 lakh per recipient, founders can retain full ownership of their ventures while receiving mentorship and support for growth.
This initiative shows Kamath’s faith in young entrepreneurs to innovate and make a difference, the report said. He wants to create a nurturing environment where new founders can succeed. The WTFund will choose 40 entrepreneurs for funding and mentorship, guiding them through a tough selection process until they receive institutional funding.

Looking back on his journey, the billionaire remembered how he first got into the stock market while working at a call center. His achievements as a trader and entrepreneur inspired his love for investing, which led him to create True Beacon, an investment management firm catering to ultra-high net worth individuals.

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