Why INDIA’s logo release was deferred

MUMBAI: After much hype about its features and importance, the INDIA alliance logo unveiling that was scheduled for Friday morning was deferred.
Leaders from the INDIA alliance said that the logo unveiling was deferred since the convenor for the alliance had not been named and the coordination committee of the


bloc was only announced on Friday afternoon.
Later, addressing reporters, former Maharashtra chief minister

Uddhav Thackerary

said the logo of INDIA was put on hold so that people’s suggestions can be sought.
The logo was supposed to be unveiled on Friday morning but leaders said the newly appointed coordination committee or working group will decide on the logo.

Shiv Sena (UBT) MP Sanjay Raut said that there will be a discussion on the logo and it can be unveiled in a day or two in New Delhi.
Congress leader

Vijay Wadettiwar

said that 4-5 logos were prepared but the unveiling of the logo was deferred.
A senior Sena (UBT) functionary said that the Congress and some other member parities reportedly said that a new logo will create more confusion as each party has its own election symbol.

“So a new logo may create confusion so there is no need for a logo. This was the view of some leaders. A decision on whether to have a logo or not will be taken later now. The logo was finalised but not released,” the functionary said.
Raut said, “The agenda was very heavy, there will be a discussion on the logo. Logo is an important issue. Some parties wanted to discuss the logo, so we have given them time. It has not been cancelled. The coordination committee and other committees will discuss this (the logo). There are 28 parties in the INDIA alliance, so we’re trying to accommodate every single party. We are all working together. There is a main coordination committee, there is a research committee, campaign committees and agenda and manifesto committee. There are also working groups.”
Raut had earlier said that the logo of the ‘INDIA’ alliance will have the colour of the country’s unity and self-respect.
“The logo will be released and work is going on for that. The logo will have the country and its unity, and those things that are needed to keep the country united, that country will be part of the logo,” Raut had said.
“There was a suggestion that we take people’s views on the logo since this fight is for the cause of the people. We will seek their suggestions within a given timeframe and can come up with a better logo,” he said.

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