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Whoever voters pick there’ll be some degree of continuity: Gates



Bill Gates

, co-chair of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said on Wednesday that whoever the


elect in the upcoming general elections there would be “some degree of


“I am very focussed on the US election where I am a voter. Obviously India should be proud of being the world’s largest democracy, you are allowing a lot of voices to be heard.

Whoever the voters choose there will be some degree of continuity,” Gates said in a video interaction when asked who he thinks would form the next government after the upcoming general elections in India.
“We are a neutral organisation but the idea is that politicians compete less on who is in their group and more on trying to lift everybody up. It’s great to see in India you can have politicians say I will do better in vaccine coverage than you do or in nutrition than you do. The record on these basic human needs is how politicians are selected and that’s great for India,” Gates said.
Asked about India’s growth outlook and place in the world in the year ahead, Gates said the country has had pretty steady growth for some time and asserted that services will play a greater role.

Gates also lauded India’s digital public infrastructure, which is now being replicated in other countries. “It was fantastic that India used the big G20 meeting to introduce it to other countries and we have seen a lot of uptake. So I sat down with the government. We talked about how we are helping other countries get on the same path that India is on and then I saw some recent applications like pest control and educating farmers that were really very impressive. I think the platform is just going to keep getting richer and richer,” Gates said.

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