When does talking to ex count as cheating?

01/6Here’s when it is wrong

It is difficult and complex to determine how wrong or right it is talking to an ex and when it crosses the line and gets counted as cheating. It depends on various factors, including the nature of the conversation, the intentions, and the agreements and boundaries set within the current relationship. There is no universally defined line as such but here are some scenarios where talking to an ex could be considered crossing the boundaries of a committed relationship.


02/6Disregard for boundaries

If there are certain boundaries set within the relationship regarding contact with the respective exes, and those boundaries are knowingly violated, it is a betrayal of trust.


03/6Emotional intimacy

If the conversations with an ex become emotionally intimate, which involves personal feelings, desires, or confessions which you generally have with your partner, it can be a sign of emotional infidelity.


04/6Secrecy and deception

If someone feels the need to hide or lie about their interactions with an ex from their current partner, it is a clear sign of a breach of trust. Open and honest communication is essential in a healthy relationship.


05/6Neglecting the current relationship

When talking to an ex becomes a priority over investing time and effort in the current relationship, it indicates emotional detachment.


06/6Intentions of rekindling romance

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