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Summers are here and it’s time to treat your palate with some soul satiating ice creams and frozen delicacies. There’s no denying that indulging in an ice cream is not just a mere need rather it is an emotion. But how would you treat someone who mixes up some crispy flying crickets with your favourite ice cream and messes up your love for ice creams? Well, this may sound gross, but there’s a popular variety of cricket ice cream ruling the global palates and this is how netizens reacted to it!

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The viral fusion
The Internet has turned out to be a playground for culinary fusions, while some become a trend and others leave netizens with a bad taste. Recently, a bizarre post from an ice cream parlour in Germany left the internet shocked as they introduced an ice cream made of cricket flavored ice cream and topped it with crispy flaky crickets. But wait, what are crickets and why did it leave the internet stunned?

All about the cricket ice cream

The viral post was shared on an Instagram handle @eisdielebyrinorottenburg, wherein he posted a snap of a weird ice cream made with cricket flour and is further topped with crispy flaky crickets. But what are crickets and are they fitr for consumption? Well, crickets are small and chirruping night insects, and as per the European Union (EU) regulation allows consumption of crickets is permissible in frozen and well powdered form. In fact, over the past few years, the addition of crickets have been seen as an environmentally-sustainable food, which is loaded with protein and other essential nutrients, which is one of the reasons why this bizarre ice cream has grabbed attention.

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The creation of the ice cream

This ice cream was created by Eiscafe Rino from Rottenburg, Germany. However, insect ice cream was the brainchild of Thomas Micolino, the owner of the store who had to face a lot of backlash for introducing these ice creams. While, the internet had mixed opinions on this as some people liked the idea of creating environmentally-sustainable ice creams others were pissed off with the creation of insect ice creams.

What’s your take on this?

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