What your cravings say about deficiencies

Jul 13, 2023

Devanshi Batra

Food cravings

Health experts say that food cravings may occasionally be signs of nutrient inadequacies. The body naturally seeks meals that are high in a particular nutrient when it is deficient in that nutrient. Here’s what your cravings say about your deficiencies!



If you find yourself craving for salt and foods like salty chips and fries, your body may be facing Electrolyte and Omega 3 deficiency.


​Fizzy drinks

If you are craving soft and drinks, you may be lacking in calcium and magnesium, or it can be a routine deficiency (acidity).



People who crave sweets especially chocolate have magnesium deficiency.



Some people have the urge to eat or lick ice, these maybe signs of Iron deficiency.



Craving bread may indicate nitrogen deficiency in body.


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​Dairy products

Those who are craving dairy products such as cheese might not be consuming enough calcium.


​Fatty foods

If you find yourself constantly craving fatty foods and carbohydrates, your body maybe facing Omega-3 deficiency.


​Red meat

People with constant craving for red meat maybe iron deficient.


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