‘Weight loss helped me regain my confidence’

01/7​How this man lost 20 kilos in 6 months!​

“I had grown accustomed to being on the heavier side, but the wake-up call came when my shirt size reached XXL, and my old clothes no longer fit. The moment of truth was when I saw the scale cross the three-digit mark,” Bhagat shared, adding, “My lowest point was not feeling comfortable in any type of clothing. It led to me withdrawing from social media as I started believing I looked unattractive and abnormal. The lack of confidence, susceptibility to intimidation, and the burden of socializing were challenging aspects of being overweight.”

  • Name: Sushant Bhagat

  • Occupation: Media & Technology (Blockchain) Strategist
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  • City: New Delhi
  • Highest weight recorded: 104 kilograms
  • Weight lost: 20 kilograms
  • Duration it took me to lose weight: 6 months
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    02/7​What are the lifestyle changes you made?​

    “I completely transformed my lifestyle. Starting on March 1, 2023, I committed to daily workouts, with Sundays designated as rest or cheat meal days. I used an Apple Watch to track my activity, aiming to complete the activity rings every day. Eating right from the beginning of the day was essential, as overnight oats compelled me to stay disciplined. I quit drinking alcohol and began prioritizing my well-being above all else,” he shared.


    03/7​Breakfast, lunch and dinner​

    • My breakfast: I start my day with a nutritious breakfast consisting of overnight oats. I mix 60 grams of oats with 200 mL of milk and 100 mL of water, adding whey protein. To enhance its flavor and nutrition, I incorporate chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and peanut butter. In the morning, I top it off with a banana, blueberries, 7-8 almonds, and 3 walnuts (soaked overnight).
    • My lunch: For lunch, I prefer homemade meals that include a generous serving of salad, usually featuring ingredients like beetroot, onions, and tomatoes. I always ensure there’s a protein source, such as lentils, rajma, chana, soybean, or chicken, accompanied by a bowl of yogurt and two rotis.
    • My dinner: Dinner typically consists of 150-200 grams of rice paired with chicken curry or another protein source like lentils, rajma, chana, or soybean.


    04/7​Pre- and post-workout meal​

    • Pre-workout meal: Prior to my workout, I have a medium-sized apple with a spoon-sized serving of peanut butter, along with either black coffee or a pre-workout supplement. I alternate between black coffee and the supplement.
    • Post-workout meal: After my workout, I have one scoop of whey protein to aid recovery.


    05/7​What do you eat on cheat days?​

    “I believe in the concept of a cheat meal rather than an entire cheat day. On Sundays, I enjoy a cheat meal, typically indulging in chicken or mutton curry with Lachha paratha. Occasionally, I treat myself to a controlled portion of chocolate after dinner,” he shared.

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    06/7​Workout routine​

    My workout: I maintain a consistent workout routine, exercising six days a week.

    • Monday: Cardio (3-4 km treadmill run with 1-minute sprints followed by abs workout,10 sets) and back training
    • Tuesday: Cardio (Treadmill/Cross Trainer/Cycling) followed by side exercises and chest strength training
    • Wednesday: Cardio (similar to Monday) followed by shoulder training
    • Thursday: Cardio (similar to Tuesday) followed by biceps training
    • Friday: Cardio (similar to Wednesday) followed by triceps training
    • Saturday: Cardio (similar to Thursday) followed by leg training
    • Sunday: Rest day


    07/7​How do you stay motivated?​

    “Seeing the tangible changes in my physique, fitting into clothes I once thought were impossible, and building friendships at the gym have been motivating factors. I started an Instagram page initially for accountability, and now it inspires me to see people following and being inspired by my posts. Investing in stylish sportswear has also kept me motivated and consistent,” Bhagat shared.


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