Weekly horoscope: 18th to 24th Sept

01/13Here’s what has been predicted for your zodiac

Find out what’s in store for you this week, between the 18th to 24th September, 2023 as predicted by astrologer Vishal Bhardwaj, Founder of Predictions For Success.



This week, your emotional intelligence may be more active than normal. Although you might feel compelled to utilise it to assist and encourage others, be mindful not to get overly invested.

When someone asks for help, be there to assist them; do not seek out problems to solve. Although working with others is a natural talent, remember your own obligations.

Career: A seemingly little issue is becoming more significant than you had thought. This small problem is actually turning into a mountain since the opposition is becoming more powerful. This is a cue that you need to be flexible and adjust your perspective.

Love: this week, you might expend a great deal of energy. Your fury may flare up in such a circumstance. To prevent any type of confrontation at home, you will need to exercise extra patience. In order to keep the passion in a relationship alive, commitment is required.

Money: You can receive some unforeseen money from a powerful person if you are a young person or student. Since you urgently require the money, this will come as a pleasant surprise for you, and you will be touched by the generous gesture. If you own a business, you could benefit greatly right now.

Health: You might feel discouraged this week if, despite your best efforts over the past few months in the gym, you haven’t seen the desired results. It won’t accomplish your goal. Setting small, doable goals and moving forward slowly is preferable.



This week, Taurus, your inventive mind may be a little busier, but give in to your want to fantasise. Allow yourself to stray down that path if self-improvement is what you’re drawn to. Be open to both alternative routes and conventional thinking if you want to apply practical solutions to everyday situations.

Career: You could be disappointed if you’re looking for empathy or a sympathetic ear to listen to you cry. You won’t have much luck in your search, that much is certain. Most of the time, you are by yourself this week.

Love: You’ll be in the mood to try something new. You can urge your partner to do better by assisting them in understanding their circumstances. Additionally, you must confirm that their health is perfect.

Money: This week calls for donations. This way you receive a tax refund, and you win the goodwill of those in need. If you have the capacity, consider how you may improve the lives of others, and the Almighty will give you more.

Health: Celebrate your accomplishments and spend this week improving your flaws. If you enjoy eating, go ahead and do so, but in moderation. If you follow your routine and work towards your objectives assiduously and carefully, you can reach your health goals.

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Your innate self-control, Gemini, may hold the key to not only self-improvement but also to creating adventures and exploratory routes. After making a decision, carry it out. Put your self-discipline to the test at work, though. Your strong work ethic may open doors for you to promote your leadership abilities more widely.

Career: This week, sky undergoes a significant change that will greatly benefit you. Changes in energy are apparent. It’s time to start again so that you can move forward with a clean slate.

Love: You might be concerned about commitment and long-term partnerships. You’ll feel secure knowing that your love has your back. Address any remaining fears of the unknown at the outset to avoid developing into larger issues.

Money: If you’re considering purchasing a new home, go ahead and do it right away, but keep an eye on the big picture because it should be an investment that will yield positive returns in the long run..

Health: This week is the time to stop daydreaming and start taking action in order to improve your health. Avoid playing any indoor activities and instead choose physically demanding hobbies like lawn tennis, badminton, etc. Take part in any healthy exercise that makes you perspire.

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If you hear adventure calling, don’t be scared to answer. Don’t forget the small touches, whether you’re travelling for real or just broadening your horizons by trying something new. This week, your passion frequently serves as a motivating force, but try not to overextend yourself. Despite your desire to accept every initiative or proposal, avoid making unfulfilled promises.

Career: Someone’s unforeseen actions will cause even your best-laid plans to fall apart this week. Working with or for someone is about as predictable as the weather. This individual is upheaving the situation and making it challenging for you to move forward.

Love: You will take full advantage of your partner’s companionship. You’ll be so joyful this week that you’ll enjoy making them laugh by acting silly or doing new activities.

Money: You might be able to take advantage of a fantastic, lucrative deal this week if you operate in the sector of international business. You will witness your revenues fly to new heights as you expand your firm to new areas. Keep the product’s quality high, and your customers will continue to be satisfied.

Health: For health freaks like you, fresh vegetables are heaven. You can eat them in soups, sandwiches, salads, and other dishes. You cannot outtrain a poor diet, therefore keep up a balanced diet.

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Although it can be rather appealing to withdraw to your comfort zone, Leo, try not to isolate yourself too much. Someone can interpret your need for privacy as being sneaky or scheming.

Turn your need for alone time into productivity and motivation for those difficult projects at work that you’ve been avoiding. It’s preferable to make progress slowly rather than not at all.

Career: You have more than enough fuel to keep your fire going. The advice and comments of others are motivating. Finding someone who shares your viewpoint and can relate to you won’t be difficult, making it much simpler for you to confidently proceed toward your objectives.

Love: Your romantic life may seem to have lost its allure. You can take a deep breath and spend the time considering how to add more romance to your life. You must develop confidence. Eventually, things would come back to normal.

Money: You previously applied for a bank loan, and this week you might learn if your application was successful. Although it took a while, the wait was worthwhile. To swiftly pay back this loan, you should use these dollars very cautiously and keep an eye on your spending.

Health: you have been bored with the monotonous food, so you’ll treat yourself to a cheat dinner. Enjoy, but keep your portions in check because that will help you stay on target. Join an activity group with those who share your interests.

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Do not remain there for too long, if you are unsure of whether you are actually the indecisive sort. Wait until it matters to make those decisions. Uncertainty can also be a solution in some cases. Pick the path that will result in the most balance when you’re unable to pick. This week, make sure you don’t confuse diplomacy with the desire to win over everyone.

Career: You must speak up if you want something to happen. Others are more mentally focused, therefore they won’t have the same automatic perception as you do. When speaking with others, be concise and direct. The only option is this.

Love: You might want to treat your family to dinner or a movie this week. You’ll have the chance to spend time with someone you care about. You’ll be able to have a sense of family loyalty.

Money: If you are considering growing your company, the time is now because the opportunities are great. Avoid engaging in stock market speculation as it may turn dangerous. Don’t offer someone a loan or grant out of courtesy or sentiment because it could be a negative obligation in the future.

Health: You need to take a break because working nonstop has taken a toll on your health. Stay at home, do some modest exercise, and avoid strenuous activities if you don’t want to experience body aches and severe pain. To feel revitalised, take a steaming hot shower.

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This week, Libra, clear the clutter from your head before you tidy up your surroundings. Don’t be too harsh with your criticism. Take this opportunity to reflect on your progress and to recognise each and every success. If you try to be too flawless, you’ll get stuck. Sometimes good enough really is good enough, and you can find yourself in one of those situations.

Career: You will discover that overall career advancement is fairly good during the next few months. Communication is less tense, and things appear to be moving more smoothly than they have in the past.

Love: You want to know what your lover is feeling right now. But refrain from passing judgment on their emotions. Get ready to answer brilliantly and begin teasing your lover by turning on some music. Emotions come from the heart rather than the mind.

Money: You’ve helped a lot of people in the past. Your nice deeds will pay off for you this week, and one of the commercial agreements could result in huge rewards for you. You’ll come to understand that life is a circle, and you’ll keep acting morally towards both yourself and others.

Health: this week, health remains fine. However, pay attention to what you eat, as eating too much junk food can upset your stomach. Drink plenty of water to avoid constipation.



Scorpio, you need to keep your skills under control if you want to reach your maximum potential this week. It may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes having too much of a good thing—like your inherent charisma and self-assurance—can be overwhelming for other people. However, you might get a lot of opportunities this week.

Career: This week, if you feel like being a little bit larger than life at work, go for it. Being in the spotlight may lead to new opportunities. Don’t try to get compliments by using your charisma. Instead, use your charm to show them appreciation for their efforts by giving them sincere comments.

Love: If your relationship is getting stale, surprise your partner by giving them a gift or go on a vacation. You will experience great delight if you introduce your life partner to your family and enjoy this time to the fullest.

Money: Old jewellery or the inherited property might be given to you as an unanticipated present. It will come as a surprise and a sort of huge sigh of relief because you didn’t earn the same, just when you needed the support the most. You should put your energy into expanding your company to a domestic market.

Health: Every form of exercise you perform will require focused breathing, therefore you’ll need to work on improving your breathing technique. It will be difficult for your brain to make decisions if you don’t challenge your body physically or adhere to a regular schedule.

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When your emotions are high, you may feel tempted to withdraw from the outside world and go into your shell. And while this can help you develop, this week the world may be a better place to be than within your safe haven. This week, failure may also lead to new chances because failure is still a necessary part of growth.

Career: This week is a period in which you will either experience success or failure. For you, this is a particularly pivotal time, so be prepared for significant reflection and transformation.

Love: rekindle the stale passion in your relationship. With your partner, try out some fun indoor activities. You’ll feel like being romantic this week. Spend time with your partner by going to the movies together.

Money: Family members may offer you assistance with your new business enterprise. Since this week is a good time to start it, you should move on with it right away. Don’t be lazy and act right now; your efforts will pay off in the future.

Health: Concentrate on eating organic foods going forward because they are beneficial for your health and will increase your energy. Due to the planetary configuration, you will shine brightly, and many around you will be attracted by your optimism.



This week, Capricorn, the urge to explore may be more compelling than normal. Jump right in and allow yourself to explore mysteries and solutions. But perhaps only choose one or two topics. Overstretching yourself won’t make you feel as fulfilled. This week, You can be asked to act as a mediator between two parties. Act wisely.

Career: Communication is the key to dealing with obstinate and domineering attitudes. People will be more stiff and it will be harder for you to escape the situation you are in the more secretive you become about your goals and objectives.

Love: Your sweetheart will push you to meet after a busy week. You’ll be in the mood to speak your mind without restraint. You will gradually start to fall in love with them.

Money: In order for your business to expand, you might need to put in more time, but it will be worthwhile because you will start to see results right away. What we can learn from the past will greatly shape future plans.

Health: Instead of running, you should start walking because it is gentler on your bones and joints and leaves you with more energy for other activities. One of these tasks is organising your daily life and getting rid of clutter.



This week, Aquarius, steadiness, and inner peace will play a bigger part. The beginning of the week will help you achieve a peaceful equilibrium. Deadlines should be avoided. Lack of flexibility might impede personal development. The future can sometimes be better than the past. Consider these as chances to demonstrate your abilities.

Career: Someone’s unforeseen actions will cause even your best-laid plans to fall apart this week. Working with or for someone is about as predictable as the weather. This individual is upheaving the situation and making it challenging for you to move forward.

Love: Due to your naturally sensitive nature this week, you will need the emotional support of your significant other. You won’t be able to settle significant heart-related issues. But your partner will assist in getting things done.

Money: Your budget will feel a lot better if you receive an unforeseen income flow to pay off your bills. Create a rigorous plan this week to prevent taking out a loan in the future, and handle your money very well.

Health: Encourage yourself to exercise frequently because your body has suffered a lot from frequent breaks and extended gaps. Due to a severe physical ache, you might need to see a doctor. The pain will disappear soon if you get enough rest and treat yourself to a relaxing massage.



Pisces, this week, is a fantastic moment to start the self-improvement tasks and projects you’ve been putting off. Be patient when making important life decisions. You don’t need to second guess your decision to take on leadership responsibilities. You are an obvious choice for the position due to your inherent energy and boldness. In order to avoid any mistakes, keep your confidence in check.

Career: Your career will feel much more challenging over the next week. During this time, you will face challenges and come to the realisation that you must change your strategy if you want to succeed.

Love: You should go on a romantic date with your lifemate this week. You can get irritable when speaking to a close friend or relative. But you must restrain your rage. Otherwise, you risk ruining the connection. Spending passionate time with someone shows that you are committed to the connection.

Money: This week may be busy for those in the hotel or tourism industries. Keep a close watch on any prospective chances that may come your way so that you may grow your company to new heights. Make connections with government representatives to get a new project.

Health: Since you have been working so hard, your daily schedule has been somewhat disrupted. Even if it’s just for 30 minutes a day, you must schedule time for regular physical activity. You only need to be persistent, and it won’t be difficult.


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