Ways to promote body positivity in teens

​​Challenge to accept our flaws​

In today’s digital era dominated by social media, the perception of beauty and self-worth, especially among adolescents, has become distorted.


​​Keeping the self-esteem intact​

For teenagers already navigating the turbulent waters of physical and emotional changes, this distortion profoundly affects their self-esteem and mental health.


​​The threat of unrealistic standards​

Teenagers are constantly bombarded with seemingly unattainable ideals, leading to negative self-image, reduced self-esteem, and body dissatisfaction.


​​Social media can be the source​

Numerous recent clinical studies have highlighted social media’s detrimental impact on adolescents’ body image. Constant exposure to idealized beauty on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat causes many teens to internalize unrealistic beauty standards.


​​Valuing more than appearance​

Ritu Mehrotra, Mental health expert, CEO, United We Care says, “Our society unfortunately preserves a culture where young individuals feel bound to gauge their worth primarily based on physical appearance. Conforming to these unattainable ideals can harm their mental well-being, leading to issues like anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.”


​​Replacing “perfect” with authenticity​

To address this issue, it’s vital to challenge the notion of “perfection” and replace it with a celebration of authenticity.


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​​Interventions for self love​

Clinical studies have shown that interventions promoting positive body image can significantly impact adolescents’ mental health. These interventions include cognitive-behavioral therapy, self-compassion training, and media literacy programs.


​​Inclusivity beyond media​

Inclusivity should extend beyond boardrooms and billboards, becoming an integral part of daily life. Parents, educators, and influencers play pivotal roles in fostering environments where teens can embrace their uniqueness.


​​Celebrate self​

To promote positive body image and empower our young friends, we must challenge the culture of perfection and prioritize authenticity. By doing so, we can help teenagers develop self-confidence, resilience, and a healthy sense of self-worth that extends well beyond their physical appearance.



The pervasive influence of social media on body image cannot be underestimated. Teens are highly susceptible to the beauty standards perpetuated by these platforms. Hence, a deeper understanding of beauty standards should be inculcated among children by appreciating your teenager’s skills and habits other than just physical appearances.


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