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Watch: Rohit slams his cap after Sarfaraz’s run out


NEW DELHI: A disappointed skipper

Rohit Sharma

slammed his cap on the floor in anger in the dressing room after

Sarfaraz Khan

‘s sparkling debut was cut short due to an unfortunate run out in Rajkot on Thursday.
Debutant Sarfaraz, who was batting splendidly on 62 off 66 balls, got involved in a mix-up with senior partner

Ravindra Jadeja

in the final session on the opening day of the third Test.

The mix-up happened in the 82nd over of the day, when Jadeja, batting on 99, was looking to steal a single off a James Anderson delivery to get to his hundred. Soon after Jadeja pushed the ball to mid-on, Sarfaraz reacted instantly to Jadeja’s call and took off in order to help his partner get to his ton.
But Jadeja soon realised he won’t make it to the other end in time as the ball went straight to Mark Wood, who was charging in. Leaving Sarfaraz high and dry, Jadeja bailed out at the last minute as Wood hit bulls-eye at the non-striker’s end.

As Sarfaraz made the long walk back to the pavilion, skipper Rohit was seen slamming his hat in disgust over the run out.

On the very next delivery, Jadeja took off an easy single and raised his fourth Test ton.
Sarfaraz was later seen sitting upset over the run out in the dressing room.

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