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Watch: Gill’s six off Anderson gets Stokes’ nod of approval


NEW DELHI: Batsmen are generally tentative early in the day’s play. That was how

Test cricket

was used to be played in the good old days.
But modern day cricketers are fearless and don’t have second thoughts while taking risks even when the opposition bowlers are fresh and charging in at full steam.
That’s exactly what happened on the second day of the fifth Test between India and





It was only the fourth over of the day and England’s highest wicket-taker

James Anderson

was steaming in.

On the second ball of the over, a nonchalant

Shubman Gill

charged down the pitch and lofted the full delivery bowled at 131 kmph handsomely straight down the ground into the crowd.
So elegant was the shot that it left commentator

Harsha Bhogle

in awe and on air wondered what


had for breakfast in the morning.
The camera showed even England captain

Ben Stokes

nodding his head in amazement and approval.
The official broadcaster shared the video of the shot on X:

Gill went on score 110 before he was clean bowled by Anderson after lunch.

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