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Watch: Bigg Boss star Rahul Vaidya walks through knee deep water in Dubai


Singer and Bigg Boss contestant

Rahul Vaidya

found himself stuck in knee-deep water after Dubai was hit by heavy rain. He shared a video on Instagram showing him walking through the water while holding his sneakers.
Dubai experienced horrific


yesterday (16th April). While everyone in the city suffered a lot,

Indian singer

and reality show star Rahul Vaidya, who was in Dubai during the time experienced the after effects of it as well.

In the video, he humorously wrote, “It’s quite bad here… Habibi welcome to Dubai.” Rahul Vaidya posted several photos and videos of flooded roads and cars submerged in water, highlighting the challenging situation caused by just two hours of rain. He expressed surprise at the impact of the short rainfall, stating, “It rained only for two hours and look at this. Dubai isn’t used to such heavy rains. Everything has come to a standstill.”

Known for his participation in Indian Idol and tracks like Do Chaar Din and Keh Do Na, Rahul Vaidya gained popularity through Bigg Boss 14 and Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. He is married to actor Disha Parmar, with their relationship blossoming during Bigg Boss 14 and culminating in marriage in 2021.
The heavy rains in Dubai led to


across the UAE and Bahrain, causing significant disruptions. The downpour resulted in 18 fatalities in Oman over the weekend. Dubai’s international airport had to divert incoming flights due to the weather conditions, temporarily halting arrivals before gradually resuming operations.

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