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Was LE SSERAFIM lip-syncing at Coachella?


After their initial Coachella performance stirred up controversy, LE SSERAFIM made a return to the festival for their second weekend appearance. While the sound quality notably improved, fresh


have surfaced from




, casting doubt on the authenticity of the group’s live vocals.
Throughout the performance, observers took to social media to voice their suspicions, pointing to specific moments that seemed to suggest the use of lip-syncing and pre-recorded vocals.

One notable instance occurred during the song ‘ANTIFRAGILE’, where member Chaewon was seen removing her microphone before her ad-lib concluded, yet the vocals continued unabated, raising questions about the live singing aspect of the performance.

Similarly, fans scrutinized a moment involving member Kazuha, noting that even as she moved her microphone away at the end of a line, the backing track persisted at a volume consistent with her purported live vocals.

These incidents quickly gained traction on various social media platforms, sparking a fervent debate about the performance standards expected from artists, particularly at reputed events like Coachella. Fans meticulously analyzed vocal tracks and visual cues, attempting to discern the balance between live singing and pre-recorded vocals.

However, a few netizens defended the accusations and hailed the girls.

The controversy surrounding LE SSERAFIM’s Coachella performances comes hot on the heels of a week filled with intense scrutiny over their vocal abilities following their initial appearance at the festival. Now, with accusations of lip-syncing adding fuel to the fire, the group finds themselves embroiled in yet another wave of criticism regarding their onstage authenticity.

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