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‘Volleys of gunfire’: Eyewitness recounts horror of Moscow attack


NEW DELHI: More than 60 people were killed as gunmen barged into a large concert hall in Moscow on Friday and sprayed bullets on the crowd. The attack took place as crowds gathered for a performance by the Russian rock band Picnic.

The bombing left the concert hall in flames with a collapsing roof and was one of the deadliest in Russia in recent years.

Dave Primov, who was in the hall during the attack, described panic and chaos when the attack began. “There were volleys of gunfire,” Primov told the AP.

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“We all got up and tried to move toward the aisles. People began to panic, started to run and collided with each other. Some fell down and others trampled on them,” he said.

Alexei, a music producer, was about to settle into his seat before the start of a rock concert when he heard gunfire and “a lot of screams”.

“I realised right away that it was automatic gunfire and understood that most likely it’s the worst: a terrorist attack,” said Alexei, who would not give his last name.

As people ran towards emergency exits, “there was a terrible crush” with concert-goers climbing on one another’s heads to get out, he added.

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