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Vistara flyer’s in-flight food experience sparks debate


NEW DELHI: A sense of nostalgia! That’s how a passenger on


‘s flight UK820 described his


on board. But don’t be misled, for it left much to be desired in terms of


Here’s how he described his food: “Insipid flavours, the sort of texture that would indicate the chicken should have ideally been consumed hours ago, and the chocolate dessert, benchmarked perhaps to a kindergarten cookery project.”
Now, the question arises: What nostalgia is he talking about? Of course, he is referring to his experience of eating in a badly run hostel mess, managed by indifferent cooks.

As per the pics shared by the user, he got rice and side dishes, along with a wrapped bun and a sweet treat.
The post has garnered quite a buzz on


, while some users agreed with the passenger’s opinion, others felt it was a little too much.
With the post going viral, Vistara responded to Mr Kripal’s post, stating, “Hi Kripal, all our meals are prepared keeping the highest standards of quality in mind, and we are disheartened to note your disappointment.” (sic)

The airlines also asked Kripal to give his flight details, phone number, and a good time to call him to find out more and fix the problem.

Vistara response

Vistara response

Other fliers also shared their experiences. One of the posts’ read: “Completely agree.. I was served some chicken curry rice on my flight from SG to MUM.. Was like chewing through raw masala.. Suffered heartburn for the rest of the day. The dessert was really good though.” (sic)
One termed is just a bad luck: “Bad luck, I travel frequently and prefer Vistara, and never experienced bad quality food. I always liked it.” (sic)
This came after a passenger criticized Vistara for not offering non-vegetarian meal choices on a short flight a few days ago.

The user wrote: “I don’t get the connection between duration and non-veg,” said the post. Criticizing the airline’s policy, the post added, “Vistara should call themselves a half-service airline!” (sic)

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