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Vidya on finding Sid before dating apps era


In the world of social media and dating apps, finding love has become more complicated than ever. Siting behind the screens, it is hard to know one’s true intent, perhaps that is why Bollywood’s versatile star

Vidya Balan

while reminiscing about her

love story


Siddharth Roy Kapur

, expressed gratitude for finding her soulmate before the era of

dating apps

like Tinder.

The couple, who met at a party in 2010, tied the knot in 2012, and Vidya credits Karan Johar for playing cupid.
During her conversation with News18 Showsha, Vidya reflects on the impact of dating apps on modern relationships, acknowledging the overwhelming choices they offer. Despite the convenience, she believes they contribute to confusion among today’s youth, contrasting with the simplicity of traditional courtship.

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The versatile actor admits she would have struggled with dating apps, humorously attributing it to her indecisiveness at buffets. However, she appreciates the honesty prevalent in contemporary relationships, sharing candidly about her own dynamics with Siddharth.

Further, Vidya confesses to being a jealous partner but values the openness and romance in their relationship. She says she is a very easygoing person with everyone, except her own husband. However, she is also the more romantic one in the relationship.

Talking of being more romantic in the relationship, she talks about the sweetest thing she did for Siddharth. She recalls a cute but failed attempt at baking a cake for Siddharth on their anniversary. Vidya chuckles about the chef’s assistance and her husband’s unwitting praise. While Siddharth said the cake was too good right in the first bite, when Vidya tasted it, she realized it was too lumpy.

For Vidya, the shared profession brings both challenges and understanding, as Siddharth comprehends the nuances of her work. This mutual support fosters a deep connection, allowing Vidya to be authentic about her professional struggles.

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