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Vidya on being ‘cheated on’ in a relationship


Bollywood actress

Vidya Balan

, who is busy with the promotions of her film ‘Do Aur Do Pyaar’, revealed that she was left ‘


’ after being ‘cheated on’ in a past relationship. The actress stated that she judged her worth after an ex-boyfriend

cheated on

her with someone.
In an interview with Film Companion, a question was posed to Vidya on how someone with her accomplishments and beauty could be cheated.

To this, Vidya replied, “When someone cheats on you, it is not a reflection on you. It is actually a reflection of them. I did not know that at that point. I was too young. I was devastated and heartbroken and shattered. And you think, ‘Oh! Am I not good enough?’ It is never about you; (it is about) the person who is cheating and it is about what that person is looking for. It still sucks.”
Earlier, in an interview with Indian Express, Vidya Balan talked about the ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. The actress said, “I have been cheated on. The first boy I dated cheated on me and I have to tell you he was just an a**. I remember we had just broken up and I bumped into him in college on Valentine’s Day and he turned around and said that ‘I am just going to meet my ex-girlfriend for a date.’ And I was like what? He literally crushed me that day but I have done better than that in life for myself.”
“I wasn’t a serial dater. I dated a few men but thankfully my first serious long relationship was with the man I am married to,” Vidya Balan further added. The actress tied the knot with producer Siddharth Roy Kapur in 2012.

On the work front, Vidya will next be seen with Pratik Gandhi in ‘Do Aur Do Pyaar’. In this romantic comedy, a couple that was once in love is having affairs with other people. They become closer again on a holiday, though, and now they’re not sure how to reveal the same to the people they are having affairs with.

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