​Venus transit In Leo: Health prediction

01/14​Venus transits from Cancer to Leo today (July 7, 2023)​

Venus, the hottest planet of our solar system as well as a critical planet for Love and Materialistic comfort is transiting to Leo (the sign ruled by Sun) on July 7, 2023; wherein it will form a conjunction with Mars and Mercury (Transiting to Leo on July 8), says Sidhharrth S Kumaar, Astro Numerologist & Founder, NumroVani. “During this transit, Venus will also go in retrograde motion on July 23 and transition back to Cancer on Aug 7, 2023. It will regain its direct motion on Sep 4, 2023, and transit back to Leo on Oct 2, 2023,” the expert adds.

Let us peep into what this transit of Venus in Leo and conjunction with Mars and Mercury means for health for each zodiac sign:



The current time period suggests you be cautious about what you eat and being over causal on health matters. The native must involve themself in personalized meditation and self-care rituals to manage work-life balance.



Taurus needs to be careful about infections related to blood as well as accidents. The native may find themself under stress and overthinking related to finance & relationships.



Some previous health concerns may get worsened during the transit and would draw significant attention over time. It is advisable to be proactive and adhere to advised medications. Gemini females may face gynecological concerns.



The current transit indicates the possibility of stomach issues and food poisoning. You may also experience problems with sleep during this transit. Cancer females suffering from PCOD may see its worsening during this transit.



Managing work and personal life will be a big concern and you may feel tired and exhausted during this transit. In case your blood pressure patients, be extra cautious as you may experience worsening situations during this transit.



Virgo natives may face anger issues during this transit. They will find themselves more irritable and sleep will also be reduced. The natives may also face constant and frequent body pain without any reason.



Libra natives should exercise extreme caution while driving as the chances of accidents are on the higher side. Libra natives may also face problems related to vitamins and hormones during this transit.



Scorpio natives may experience cardiovascular problems during this transit. They also need to be careful in physical exercises as they twist their Ankles/Knee during this transit.



The natives may experience tiredness and exhaustion due to excess work at their professional front. Due to improper sleep cycles, natives may experience acidity and/or indigestion issues during this transit.



Take care of the food you eat as this will lead to food poisoning during this transit. They also need to be careful about UTIs and reproductive health.



The natives need to be careful about problems related to the eyes and respiratory system. The natives may find prone to throat infections during this transit.



14/14​Remedies for all signs​

1. Practice silence for 11 mins daily and if possible, listen to 33 Hz daily for 21 mins.

2. Take care of edibles and consume less spicy food and drink a lot of water.

3. Initiate some self-care rituals such as personalized yoga, personalized meditation etc.


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