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‘Unable to pedal cycle’: Reddy’s jibe at TDP-BJP tie-up in Andhra


ADDANKI: Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS


Mohan Reddy on Sunday said that


supremo Chandrababu Naidu had stitched up an


with parties which had rendered “serious injustice” to the state by bifurcating it unscientifically.
Claiming that the TDP is gripped with panic to face the


alone, Reddy said Naidu had spent sleepless nights in New Delhi to seal the deal with parties that got fewer votes than NOTA, in an indirect reference to the BJP.

He said that all the opposition parties have ganged up only to render injustice to the poor getting benefitted under YSRCP regime.

Jagan addressed a massive public meeting held as part of Siddham series at Medarametla in Addanki assembly constituency on Sunday.
He dedicated almost his entire speech to take on principal rival Naidu dubbing him as “unethical and unreliable” leader in the public life.
Reiterating that the upcoming elections would be a war between poor people led by YSRCP and feudal forces led by Naidu, Jagan appealed party activists to create awareness among the people that bringing Naidu back is nothing but giving green signal to stoppage of welfare schemes.

He said that Naidu would not only stop the welfare schemes initiated by YSRCP regime but also leave the public schools, healthcare institutions, welfare of farmers and women in limbo.
Reddy said that Naidu won 2014 elections with false and fake promises along with BJP and Janasena and dumped all the promises to dust bin. “Remember Naidu had also failed to bring Special Category Status (SCS) to AP despite having a partner of NDA government between 2014-19. How will he do justice to the state now with the same alliance?” asked Jagan.
He said that there were only leaders in the alliance parties while YSRC has an army of activists and people behind it. He said that unable to pedal his cycle on his own, Naidu is taking support from film stars and national parties.
“If Naidu thinks that Jagan has not fulfilled promises and delivered development, why is he so keen to have an alliance? Desperation of Naidu itself reflects the work done by YSRCP government in the last five years,” asserted Jagan.
He urged people to play the role of Lord Krishna to help him battle against the Kauravas like Aruna. He said that all the beneficiaries of his welfare schemes, party activists and volunteers are star campaigners for him in the coming elections. He said that Naidu is known for deceiving people with his false promises as he has readied a kichadi manifesto by copying schemes from various states.

“Since people will be afraid of entering Narakalokam (Nara Lokam), he will promise to bring the heavens down with colourful manifesto. Trusting him doesn’t mean bringing Chandramukhi into the home,” said Jagan.
He explained that they have disbursed nearly Rs.2.7 lakh crore to the poor through DBT and another Rs.1 lakh crore through non-DBT in the last five years to empower the poor to live with self-respect. He said that they struggled to spend close to Rs.60000 crore per year to fulfil the promises.
“Naidu’s promises would require a budget of at least Rs.1.5 lakh crore per year which means that it is highly impossible to implement. Naidu makes such promises because he never fulfils what he promises,” said Jagan.

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