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UN raises alarm on surging malnutrition in Afghan women and children


NEW DELHI: The United Nations

world food programme



has raised concerns about the increasing malnutrition rates among women and children in the country, as reported by Khaama Press. Over the past three years, the number of malnutrition cases in Kabul has tripled, signalling a worrisome trend.


agency attributes this alarming situation to a decrease in

humanitarian aid

reaching the nation, exacerbating the issue.

Mishro, a nurse at a malnutrition ward, noted a decline in the mental and psychological health of women in Afghanistan, leading to a rise in malnutrition cases.
She emphasized the lack of adequate facilities for patients, with malnourished mothers inadvertently contributing to their children’s poor health. “For women who are malnourished, the situation is not good in 50 per cent of cases,” she said.
Additionally, the world food programme has highlighted a surge in malnourished women across the nation. This concerning trend coincides with escalating poverty and malnutrition rates, especially among women, raising alarms among human rights groups.

Amid these challenges, many Afghan people are forced to flee their homes due to poverty, insecurity, and ongoing conflicts.
Notably, Afghan women continue to face significant obstacles following the


‘s resurgence in 2021. The Taliban’s stance on restricting women’s access to education and employment has drawn international criticism, with warnings issued against external interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

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