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Trade experts feel Salman’s absence on Eid at BO


With only a day to the

Eid release

, the impact of two big stars like

Ajay Devgn


Akshay Kumar

has not shown its effect at the cinemas. The trade pundits note that the pre-release euphoria that

Salman Khan

and Shah Rukh Khan usually bring is certainly missing.
Exhibitor Vandan Shah from Gujarat said, “There is no buzz for the two films, and there is hardly any inquiry for either film.

The absence of Salman Khan’s presence on Eid is truly evident today.”
When asked about the paid previews today, Shah said, “There are only paid previews of


, and it is limited only. I have no idea about

Bade Miyan Chote Miyan


With two big stars clashing at the

box office

, screen sharing in multiplexes is bound to happen. A trade source said, “It is a common occurrence now, and it happened during Gadar 2 and Oh My God 2, but it will be sorted out by tonight.”

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Some exhibitors are quite hopeful that the business of cinema will catch up by tomorrow. Exhibitor Sanjay Ghai from North India said, “I don’t expect an extraordinary advance, but I am sure both films will open well at the box office. It has started gaining momentum, and you will see it tomorrow.”

Even in South India, there is no Eid fever at the cinemas. An exhibitor from Hyderabad said, “There is no great buzz about the two films, and only Maidaan paid previews are happening, but it is definitely not looking like Eid to us.”

Girish Wankhede, like Ghai, is quite hopeful and said, “Both the films are huge, and the buzz is moderate, but it may pick up on the release day because most of the time, the festivity starts on the very day itself. The confusion over the release date started with the postponement by a day and one doing a paid preview (Maidaan) and the other not. Eid has a track record of Salman Khan’s film doing great at the box office, and it has a certain air of celebration that brings the audience back to cinemas. Bade Miyan Chote Miyan looks bigger and more affirmative owing to its larger-than-life mounting and entertainment quotient. Maidaan is more of an inspiring and serious cinema, which will grow with strong word of mouth. Even when Eid does not have the regular euphoria of a Salman Khan release, we see hope in both potential blockbusters to justify this long weekend.”
When asked why the kind of buzz is not created at the box office, Bade Miyan Chote Miyan producer

Vashu Bhagnani

said, “Wait and watch; we will all celebrate Eid at the cinemas tomorrow with Bade Miyan Chote Miyan. We have had great reports from Dubai and London, where people have called it one of the best action films to date.”
He added, “We have seen two films like Gadar 2 and Oh My God 2 clash and make huge business, which was over Rs 700 crore, so there is no worry.”

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