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Top Chinese general seeks action against ‘fake combat capabilities’



Chinese military

general has cast aspersions on the


‘s much-publicised ‘

real combat-oriented exercises

‘ as ‘

fake combat

capabilities’ at a time when Chinese President

Xi Jinping

has ordered it to prepare for “

maritime military struggles

” to win wars.
The remarks by General He Weidong, the second-ranked vice-chairman of China’s powerful

Central Military Commission

, the overall high command of the three

Armed Forces

headed by Xi, during a discussion with a

People’s Liberation Army

(PLA) delegation on Tuesday, according to minutes of the meeting made available to media.

Though it was just one line – Gen He called for a crackdown on ‘fake

combat capabilities

‘ in the military – military analysts say the remark by a top official in the backdrop of the recent purges carried out by Xi, questions the authenticity of the real-time combat exercises as insisted by Xi since he took over power in 2012-13 and the quality of the equipment, Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post newspaper reported on Saturday.
Since Xi took over, the Chinese military, at all levels, is carrying out real-time drills splitting forces into two groups to test their combat skills.
Analysts say the message from Gen He, China’s number three military official, was “brief and ambiguous”, but could relate to the procurement of flawed equipment, and also deception among the ranks during training.

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