Top 6 zodiac signs who make good parents

Jul 7, 2023

Jigyasa Kakwani


Cancer are born-nurturers, which is why they make the best parents, whether moms or dads.


​What’s their best trait?​

They are caring, considerate and protective towards their children, providing them with a secure environment for growth.



Taurus makes great parents, securing the second position in this list. They have unwavering commitment towards their children.


​Best trait revealed​

Taurus hold the key to balance — disciplining as well as setting their kids free.



Virgos pay attention to every little detail about their kids, which definitely makes them a part of this list.


​What makes them the best?​

They have the ability to create a structured environment for their kids to grow, learn, explore and discover their true selves.


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Capricorn individuals possess the responsibility needed to be exceptional parents.


​Qualities perfect for a parent​

They are very careful when it comes to their kids, and will move mountains for the growth and development of their child.



Next come Libra parents, who have the ability to not be over-emotional in their parenting, and make decisions being aware of their long-term impact.


​Inherent parenting qualities​

Libra parents believe in fairness, which is why the kids they nurture grow to become sensible and sensitive individuals.



Last but not least, Pisces make intuitive and understanding parents.


​What makes them a good parent?​

If there is a parent one can expect to understand exactly what their child is going through, it is usually Pisces parents.


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