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​Top 10 happiest countries in the world


India gets the 136th spot

As India falls back to 136th spot among 146 countries on the happiness index list, here are 10 countries with the happiest people.



Austria has scored 7.268 on the happiness index and stood 10th in the list. The total population of Austria in 2022 was recorded to be 9,066,710.


​​New Zealand​

New Zealand is on the 9th spot with a 7.277 score in terms of happy inhabitants. The country has a population of 4,898,203



Luxembourg stood 8th on the happiness index with a score of 7.324. The country’s population is measured to be 642,371.



Sweden is perched on the 7th spot with a 7.363 score on the happiness index. The country’s population is 10,218,971.



Norway has claimed the 6th spot in the list of happiest countries in the world with a score of 7.392 and a population of 5,511,370.



The Netherlands secured the 5th spot despite its high population of 17,211,447 people.



Iceland‘s harsh living conditions haven’t wavered it’s 345,393 citizen’s will to be happy. The cold country is rather warm with 4th position on the happiness index.



Switzerland The alpine mountains can keep the gloomiest soul happy. Switzerland has secured the 3rd spot with 8,773,637 happy people.



Denmark comes 2nd in the happiness index with a score of 7.62 on a population of 5,834,950.



The World Happiness Report has ranked Finland the world’s happiest nation for the sixth consecutive year. It scored 7.842 with a population of 5,554,960.


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