Tips to buy fresh fish and seafood

Do you find it tricky to select fish or seafood while buying from a store or market? Then we have got some simple and easy tips to ensure that the fish or seafood you are buying is fresh and safe to consume.
Appearance of the fish is the first that decodes its quality. Always look for fish with bright, clear, and shiny skin. Avoid fish with dull or discolored skin, as it may indicate aging or poor quality.

The scales should be intact. Apart from that, look at the eyes of the fish, eyes of the fish should be clear, bulging, and not sunken or cloudy.
Fresh fish

and seafood should have a mild, clean ocean-like smell. Avoid fish with strong or foul odors as it can indicate spoilage.

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The flesh of fresh fish should be firm, moist, and spring back when gently pressed. Avoid fish with dry, mushy, or slimy flesh, as these are signs of old or stale fish.

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If buying whole fish, check the gills. They should be bright red or pink in color. Avoid fish with dull or

grayish gills

, as this could indicate poor freshness.
Fillets or Steaks
Examine the appearance and texture of fish fillets or steaks. The flesh should be translucent, with no discoloration or browning.It should be moist, without excessive liquid or signs of drying out.

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When buying shellfish such as shrimp, prawns, or lobster, check for freshness indicators specific to each type. Shellfish should have a briny, slightly sweet aroma.Shells should be intact, without cracks or signs of damage. Live shellfish should be active and responsive when handled.

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