This iPhone feature can keep your kids, friends and family safe

This iPhone feature can keep your kids, friends and family safe: What is it, how it works and steps to enable it

Apple’s Check-In feature in iOS 17 may have delayed or early notifications in case of service loss or unexpected iPhone power-off. Recipients receive shared details, including journey information. Instructions and important note about potential issues are provided.

Apple recently introduced a new feature in iOS 17 aimed at enhancing

user safety

and security. The

Check-In feature

not only prioritises the well-being of iPhone users but also offers a seamless way to

notify friends

and family about their safe arrival at a designated location.
Here’s everything you need to know about this innovative addition and how to make the most of it for the safety of your kids, friends, and family.

How the Check-In feature works
According to Apple, the Check-In feature automatically notifies chosen contacts when your iPhone arrives at a specified location. Users have the flexibility to customise the information shared, ensuring privacy and control. In the event that a friend initiates a Check-In but the expected arrival doesn’t happen, users can access details such as location, battery percentage, and

cellular signal strength

Getting started with Check-in

  • Open the Messages app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the Compose button and select Add a recipient or choose an existing conversation.
  • Click the Apps button, tap More, and select Check In. Tap the Edit option to customize settings.
  • Configure “When I Arrive” details, including destination, mode of travel, and additional time if necessary. This setting monitors the journey and notifies contacts if the iPhone deviates or doesn’t reach the destination as expected.
  • Set a timer for “After a timer” – useful for situations like meeting someone new. If the Check-In isn’t ended within the specified time, your contacts will be notified.
  • Tap the Send button to initiate the Check-In.
  • Completion and Notifications:
  • Once you reach your destination, the Check-In feature automatically completes, sending notifications to your selected contacts. If, for any reason, your iPhone doesn’t reach the destination, or you fail to respond to prompts, the journey details are shared with your contacts.

Important note
In the event of a loss of service or an unexpected iPhone power-off during a Check-In, recipients may receive delayed or early notifications with the shared details.

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