Things you must never put on your resume

Sep 12, 2023


Your resume

Your resume is the most important thing that you share wherever you are applying for a job and it has to be crisp. People tend to put wrong things on it and here is a list that you should avoid.


False information

Never include false information on your resume, like fake degrees, certifications, or work experience. Employers can easily verify these details.


Personal information

Avoid including personal information like your marital status, or religious beliefs. Such information is often irrelevant and can lead to potential discrimination.


Irrelevant hobbies

Unless a hobby directly relates to the job you’re applying for or showcases valuable skills, it’s best to leave it off your resume.


Negative language

Don’t use negative language to describe past experiences or employers. Maintain a positive and professional tone throughout your resume.


Salary information

Avoid mentioning your current or past salary on your resume. This information can be discussed during the interview process.


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Reasons for leaving previous jobs

It’s not necessary to provide detailed explanations for why you left previous positions on your resume. This can be discussed in an interview.


Overused buzzwords

Avoid using generic and overused buzzwords and phrases (e.g., “team player,” “hardworking”) without providing specific examples to support them.



You don’t need to include references on your resume. Instead, provide them when specifically requested by the employer.


Unrelated personal information

Information like your height, weight, or health conditions should not be included unless it’s directly relevant to the job (e.g., modeling or acting roles).


Unprofessional email addresses

Use a professional email address for contact purposes. Avoid using quirky or inappropriate email addresses.


Unexplained employment gaps

If you have employment gaps, you don’t need to provide detailed explanations on your resume. Instead, address them during an interview if asked.


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