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Things in which kids expect their parents’ support


​​Kids and their expectation from parents​

Children rely on their parents for support in various aspects of life. This is due to the fundamental need for unconditional love and acceptance, shaping their sense of security and self-worth. Here are 10 things kids expect their parent’s support in:


​​Emotional support​

When faced with difficult situations or emotional difficulties, children seek their parents for comfort, compassion, and empathy.


​​Parental guidance​

Children rely on their parents for support in addressing conflicts, problems, and challenges they encounter on a daily basis.


​​Health and well-being​

Children look to their parents to take care of their physical and mental needs, including getting them access to wholesome food, emotional support, and medical attention.


​​Help with decision-making​

Children look to their parents for direction and encouragement when they are making decisions, major or small, that impact their life.


​​Academic support​

Kids look to their parents for help with their schoolwork, study tips, and motivation to do well in school.


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​​Social support​

Parents are essential in assisting kids in navigating social situations, friendships, and peer pressure.


​​Encouragement for interests and hobbies​

Children look to their parents to help them pursue their interests, hobbies, and extracurricular activities.


​​Boosting confidence​

By offering praise, acknowledgment, and validation, parents can significantly contribute to their child’s development of self-esteem and confidence.


​​Financial support​

In order to meet their needs and receive financial support, children go to their parents for advice on money management.


​​Unconditional love and acceptance​

Above all, knowing that they are loved and treasured without conditions, children need their parents to show them unconditional love, acceptance, and support.


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