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SRK security tightened amidst Salman threat- WATCH


Amidst escalating security concerns following a recent

firing incident


Salman Khan

‘s residence, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan‘s

security cover

has been significantly heightened. The actor, who was in Kolkata for four days to support his cricket team during an ongoing tournament, was spotted leaving the city late last night amidst tight security arrangements.
In videos shared by the actor’s fan clubs, he was seen escorted by armed guards, police, and

airport security

as he departed the state late last night.

Upon arriving at the airport in his car, clips show the actor immediately encircled by armed guards, police, and airport security as he made his way into the terminal.
Despite the late hour, fans had gathered outside the airport to catch a glimpse of the star, who graciously acknowledged their presence with a wave before heading inside.

This heightened security cover comes in the wake of a shocking incident outside Salman Khan’s residence, where two individuals reportedly fired four rounds in an attempt to intimidate the actor, who had been receiving

death threats

. The two accused are currently in police custody as investigations continue.
A video from the airport security footage shows Shah Rukh in his blue hoodie and cargo pants, calmly undergoing routine checks with his team. The actor was seen adhering to security protocols by placing his belongings in a tray for scanning before proceeding through the check.

Upon his arrival in Mumbai in the early hours of Thursday morning, Shah Rukh Khan wasted no time in making his way to his awaiting vehicle. Although this was a regular airport pickup, Shah Rukh’s luxurious Rolls Royce was spotted waiting in the parking lot for his arrival.

This spotting comes a day after the actor was seen breaking down in the stands at Eden Garneds, where his team lost the match, leading to their exit. However, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, SRK was seen heading to the field and congratulating the winning team and even giving his men a pep talk in the locker room, assuring all that they ‘didn’t deserve to lose’.

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