Speaking highly of exes is a green flag!

01/6​How speaking highly of your exes is a green flag!

Speaking highly of your exes is considered to be a green flag in relationships as it indicates certain positive traits and attitudes that can contribute to a healthy and mature relationship experience. This indicates that you can reflect on your past in a positive light and approach new relationships with a healthy mindset. Badmouthing your ex-partners is not considered to be a green flag. If you always find yourself complaining about your past relationships or partners, it’s a sign!


02/6​Reflects emotional maturity

Speaking positively about your exes reflects emotional maturity and the ability to reflect on past relationships with a level-headed perspective. It suggests that you have processed any negative feelings and have moved on in a healthy manner. This also indicates that you are ready for your new relationship without dwelling on the past relationships.


03/6​Shows you are an empathetic person

When you speak highly of your exes, it shows that you have respect for the people you were once involved with. It indicates that you recognise their positive qualities and appreciate the experiences you shared together. This can also reflect your ability to empathize with others and consider different perspectives. This shows you possess empathy.


04/6​Shows you are self-aware

Speaking highly of your exes shows that you are self-aware and actively strive to improve yourself based on past experiences. This also shows that you are fully healed. It also suggests that you are willing to have transparent conversations and share your history with your partner.


05/6​A proof of no more lingering on

When you speak highly of your exes, it implies that you have resolved any lingering resentments or negative emotions related to past relationships. This can create a sense of security and trust in your current relationship, as it shows that you are not carrying excessive emotional baggage.


06/6​Lesson learnt

Speaking positively about your exes can indicate that you have learned valuable lessons from your previous relationships and have grown as a person. It shows that you have had your share of good and bad times with them but now you have learnt your lessons and are ready to incorporate those in your next relationship.


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