sonam kapoor had a natural delivery with help from gentle birth method find out what it is

Sonam Kapoor had a natural delivery with help from ‘Gentle Birth Method’; find out what it is

Sonam Kapoor welcomed her first child with Anand Ahuja on August 20, this year. “On 20.8.2022, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy with bowed heads and open hearts. Thank you to all of the doctors, nurses, friends and family who have supported us on this journey. It’s only the beginning, but we know our lives are forever changed,” the couple wrote, announcing the birth of their son ‘Vayu‘ on Instagram.

Now, the actor has opened up about her prenatal, pregnancy, and postnatal journey in a series of stories on the photo-sharing app. “I’ve been getting a lot of questions on my prenatal, pregnancy, and postnatal. I will do my best to answer and do stories on everything,” the actor wrote. She started out by revealing that she took the help of the ‘Gentle Birth Method’ to deliver her son.

Sonam took the help of Gentle Birth Method. (Source: Sonam Kapoor/Instagram)

Sharing that her “prenatal journey was quite different”, Sonam said, “I was very sure I wanted to have as natural a journey as I could that would lead to a natural delivery with as little medical intervention as possible. For that, I decided to take the help of @gentlebirthmethod with Dr Gowri Motha. She has written a lovely book called Gentle Birth Method that explains how to deal with the prenatal journey.”

Talking about the expert, she added that Dr Motha was a practising ob-gyn in London’s NHS and was disillusioned by the crude and detached way mothers were dealt with. “So, she tried to find a gentler and kinder method. She uses a lot of Ayurvedic practices, creative healing and homoeopathy. I have followed her blindly. I have had a natural quick birth thanks to all her teachings, and I am breastfeeding pretty easily,” Sonam said.

Sonam shares her pregnancy journey (Source: Sonam Kapoor/Instagram)

What is the ‘Gentle Birth Method’?

It is a technique designed by Dr Motha so that all the mothers have a more comfortable, calm and confident birthing process.

“It comprises being positive in the mind and the body. So, it includes 18 weeks of sugar-free food and also doing yoga during pregnancy. As a result, during the time of birth, the mother is more confident, comfortable and calm. It has been practised in the UK for quite some time and has been recently introduced to mothers-to-be in India as well. It is basically a wellness program,” Dr Mannan Gupta, Gynaecologist and Managing Director, Elantis Healthcare, New Delhi, said.

What does it entail?

Here’s what the ‘Gentle Birth Method’ consists of, according to Dr Gupta.

*It includes yoga and meditation for a calmer body.

*Eating the right food, which is sugar-free and wheat-free, in the last 4 months.

*Having a positive mindset while visualising a positive birth experience.

*Doing hypnotherapy so that the mother can visualise having a comfortable and calm delivery process.

“If women do this, they have a much more comfortable delivery. So, it entails practising positivity in the mind and positivity in the body,” he said.

How can you opt for it?

If you, too, are looking to opt for the Gentle Birth Method, consult your obstetrician. “The obstetrician will give you a diet chart which will be sugar-free, wheat-free and gluten-free. He/she will also recommend power yoga for better relaxation and will advise hypnotherapy and meditation along with visualising a calm and comfortable birthing process. There are many doctors who have been trained in the Gentle Birth Method process in Delhi whom a patient can approach,” Dr Gupta said.

He added that there others ways also available online as well — with diet, yoga and meditation processes — for a pregnant woman to have a calm and comfortable birthing process.

Concluding, Dr Gupta explained that this technique releases a lot of anxiety which women have when they are about to give birth and leads to the delivery of a healthy baby.

Sonam also revealed that she did a lot of prenatal massages during her pregnancy with Dr Gowri’s therapists. “Most hotels and spas offer prenatal massage and your local masseuse will also suffice as long as it’s gentle and you don’t lie on your stomach. Lying on your back and side is the best thing to do,” she said.

She added that one must not do acupressure foot massage without a proper therapist. “Otherwise, massage is a great way to relax and ease the pain your body feels through all the insane changes it’s going through,” Sonam said, sharing some beneficial massages for women during pregnancy.

Sonam said that she took a lot of massages (Source: Sonam Kapoor/Instagram)

*Potli massage is great for inflammation and water retention.

*Swedish massage

*Muscle-relaxing massage

*Shirodhara massage

*Creative healing


*Lymphatic massage

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