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Son Ye Jin enjoys a fun picnic outing



Son Ye Jin

recently treated her


followers to a glimpse of her leisurely

picnic outing

, offering a delightful peek into her relaxed

weekend activities

. The star’s shared snapshots are accompanied by a caption that translates to English as, “did everyone have a good weekend? Start again tomorrow… Fighting”.
The first photograph captures Son Ye Jin seated comfortably on the ground, flashing a cheerful V sign while gazing at the camera.

Sporting stylish blue overalls paired with a white full-sleeved t-shirt, she adds a touch of chic with a black cap and trendy sunglasses. Nearby, her baby stroller stands attached with her pet dog’s leash, although the little one is notably absent from the scene. Son Ye Jin decorated the image with an array of adorable stickers, including milk cartons, ice cream, cheese, bread, cherries, balloons, and a vibrant rainbow.

In another snapshot, Son Ye Jin appears engrossed in conversation, her gaze directed elsewhere as she perhaps engages with someone nearby. Once again, the image is adorned with endearing stickers, featuring colorful teddy bears, blooming flowers, a rainbow, and a blue bird.

Son Ye Jin’s post has sparked a flurry of adoring comments from fans. Among the comments, one admirer notes, “The lady is so polite. Food is all closed. Number plate too”, alluding to the meticulous attention to detail in how Son Ye Jin covered certain elements with stickers. Another comment playfully hinted at the identity of the photographer, stating, “IT’S SO GOOD TO WAKE UP AND HAVE NEW PICTURES HERE AND WE ALL KNOW WHO THE PHOTOGRAPHER WAS, RIGHT?” suggesting the possibility of her husband,

Hyun Bin

, capturing the moments.
Other comments read, “WE MISSED YOU” and “Picnic day for the Kims!!”, while one of the fans also playfully referred to her husband as the photographer, “Pic taken by hubby aka HyunBin”.

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