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‘Sleeper is new general…’: Rlys after post on ticketless passengers


NEW DELHI: Sleeper Coach has a new definition now: Any railway passenger can occupy anyone’s seat and simply sleep. This troubling trend came to fore again after a post on social media platform X went has gone viral.

A traveler on the sleeper coach of the Bhuj-Shalimar Express voiced concern about the excessive crowding caused by unauthorised individuals in the compartment.

The user explained in the post that the issue began once the train left Ahmedabad Junction. They described how their family encountered major difficulties when unidentified passengers without tickets took over their assigned seats and filled the aisles, leaving them struggling to find their own berth.

“Sleeper coach, reserved S5, 22829 which departed from Ahmedabad a while ago. People without tickets are not moving and giving place to us with reserved tickets. Please help. PNR number – 8413099794 @RailwaySeva @RailMinIndia @AshwiniVaishnaw” reads the caption of the post.

The official customer care account of the Railways, Railway Sewa, replied to the post, assuring the user of prompt action. “Please share your mobile number, preferably via DM, to enable us to take immediate action.

You may also raise your concern directly on http://railmadad.indianrailways.gov.in or dial 139 for speedy redressal,” they said.

Internet users voiced their anger, stating: “This occurs when only 2 general compartments are allotted for a train… it’s dreadful to travel in general compartments, as I’ve recently experienced… Hiding issues is definitely not a solution…”

Users also called on the railway authorities to implement strict measures, noting that not everyone can afford tickets for 3rd AC or 2nd AC compartments

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