Sindhi festival Thadri: The unique health angle

Sep 6, 2023

Jigyasa Kakwani

​Happy Thadri 2023!​

The Sindhi community all over the world is celebrating the festival of Thadri on September 6 this year. Here’s everything you need to know about this interesting festival.


​Worshiping Sheetala Devi​

The day is marked to pray to Maa Sheetala Devi — she is believed to provide coolness to our mind and bodies, helping to prevent or fix diseases like Chicken Pox and sores.


​Health significance​

It is important to note that the rituals date back to a time when there were no vaccinations to boost immunity and prevent such diseases. Diet seems to play a pivotal role in prevention of diseases.


​No use of stove​

On the day of Thadri, Sindhis don’t use a gas stove. They consume the food cooked a day before Thadri.


​Health benefits​

The scientific reason is that the rituals observed on this day help cool down your body from the inside, and help to strengthen your immunity.


​Mental health​

It is also believed that these rituals and praying Maa Sheetala Devi will help calm and cool our mind, improving our mental health.


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​Pooja in the morning​

After cooking the Thadri food a day before, the gas stove is covered and water is sprinkled on the burner. The next morning a Pooja is performed on this gas stove with flowers, sindoor, rice grains, etc.


​Significance of water over fire​

Sprinkling the water over a fire stove signifies cooling down of elements like heat and anger.


​Foods eaten on this day​

Food items consumed on Thadri include Lolo, Koki, Sai Bhaji, Tariyal Bhindi, Taryal Patata, Besani, Boondi Raito, and Poori.


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