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‘Should get fined…’: Gilchrist criticizes Pant’s umpire dispute


NEW DELHI: Former Australian cricketer

Adam Gilchrist


Rishabh Pant

‘s extended discussion with the on-field umpire during the

IPL 2024

clash between Lucknow Super Giants and Delhi Capitals.
Gilchrist emphasized the importance of umpires exerting control over such situations and advocated for swifter resolutions to prevent disruptions in the game.
Gilchrist remarked to Cricbuzz, “I saw another example tonight where umpires need to take better control of games, and that is in any format.

They just got to do a better job at moving things forward.”

He stressed the need for simplicity in umpire-player interactions, adding, “It’s a very simple conversation, I believe. No matter how much Rishabh is complaining or any other player is complaining, umpires should just say, ‘it’s over’ and quickly move on.”
Expressing his frustration with the prolonged discussion, Gilchrist suggested penalties for players who continue to extend conversations unnecessarily, stating, “But if he keeps talking, he should get fined.”

The incident occurred during the fourth over of Lucknow’s innings, with Pant engaging in a lengthy dispute following Delhi’s unsuccessful review on a wide delivery. While initially, there was confusion among commentators, it was later clarified that Pant’s discontent stemmed from the absence of snickometer usage to determine an outside edge during Padikkal’s bat passage.
Despite the distraction, Pant showcased his batting prowess with a rapid-fire 41 off 24 balls, propelling Delhi Capitals to their second victory in IPL 2024. His performance underscored his resilience and contributed to Delhi’s positive campaign in the tournament.

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