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Shark Tank India 2 Finale: Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee share the setbacks they are facing to bring in investors; Anupam says,


The Finale episode of Shark Tank India 2 has two of the most interesting pitches of this season. The first pitch is by actress Parul Gulati with her hair extensions brand. The actress reveals that she got the idea of creating an affordable hair extension brand when her production house once refused to pay for her extensions. Aman asks her whether this is her full-time business. Parul gives a witty answer that she is married to acting and her hair extension company is her baby so she is doing both of them full-time. She said, ‘When you are married and have kids you don’t ignore them. I am married to acting and my brand is my baby.’ Her ask is Rs 1cr for 2% equity.
Peyush then talks about the brand, in which he has invested previously in. He asks Parul about her views on that brand and she reveals that despite having support from Peyush, they are only spending on marketing. Aman and Namita crack up hard at her answer. Amit realises that she isn’t well versed with the numbers but has some impressive profits. Anupam even offers her the Sharks’ chair.

After understanding the business, Parul offers the Sharks a hair makeover. Amit, Vineeta and Aman are highly impressed by Parul’s business. However, Peyush, Anupam and Namita opt out of the deal. Amit offers the dream deal of Rs 1cr for 2% equity while Vineeta and Aman offer Rs 1 cr for 3% equity. Parul has a counter question for the Sharks, she then chooses Aman and seals the deal.
The second pitch is yet another cycle brand. The pitcher Arjit Soni gives the bicycle as a public sharing model. His ask is for Rs 2 cr for 1% equity. After understanding the model, the business, profit and loss the Sharks decide to opt out of the deal and he goes with a no deal.

The third and last pitch is of Shark Vineeta Singh and her husband Kaushik Mukherjee. Kaushik comes to the stage and asks his 2016’s business partner Vineeta to join him. They present their cosmetic brand while Peyush says, ‘Don’t expect any mercy’. Their ask for the deal was Rs 1 cr for 2% equity. Anupam calls them Yuva entrepreneurs to which Vineeta mocks back, ‘Chaliye, aage badhiye’. They further ask where did the couple meet and Vineeta reveals, ‘Junior ne senior ko pataya.’ Aman asks Kaushik about the brand name and they reveal that they initially wanted to call it ‘kickass cosmetics’, however, they settled with Sugar. Vineeta gives their products to the sharks.

Aman asks about the investment rounds and Vineeta reveals that they had done one in 2013 after that they tried but couldn’t get an investment as often the VCs presume that the couple could call for a dispute in business and they deny on striking a deal. Anupam lauds them for continuing the business with profit and jokes that Vineeta will soon share a seat as the Shark.

After a serious grilling over their profit, loss and business by Peyush and Amit. Anupam and Namita make two dream deals. However, Vineeta counters with a Shark deal. After further grilling, Peyush offers Rs 5 cr for 5% equity. Later, Vineeta seals the deal with an All-Shark deal on the same evaluation.

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