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Shark Tank 3: Deepinder Goyal speaks on dealing with stammering


Deepinder Goyal

is currently winning hearts as the shark in

Shark Tank India 3

. The


is often compared to season 1’s shark

Ashneer Grover

for his critical analysis and questions for the


. In a


, Deepinder was seen talking about his


issue and how he deals with it. He shared how he often faces physical manifestations where he falls sick just a few days before his appearance.

Deepinder opened up about dealing with stammering and how he copes up, “The stammering issue is still there. I still stammer, I get conscious and it still makes me nervous. I had to mentally prepare myself to do this as it takes a lot of effort from me. I cannot just straight up have a casual conversation.


lagti hain mujhe yeh sab karne mein because I stammer. This has been there since childhood, now I am at a point where ‘bro you don’t have a choice, so show up and do what you need to do’.”
Deepinder shares what makes him avoid public appearances, “The only reason why I haven’t been having a lot of

public appearances

or going to events is because of my stammering. I can’t do much about it. A lot of it has to do with how calm I am. If I am speaking slowly, I’ll be fine, I didn’t know that. There are a couple of syllables which I get stuck at, I consciously try to avoid those while I am talking. There are years of practice doing that as well toh bach jaata hoon.”

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When asked about why he hesitates from agreeing to attend meetups, “It is a physical manifestation, I actually fall sick when I say yes to these things. So the fear, my body reacts in such a way that I end up calling in sick and not showing up. That is the physical manifestation of my fear. It makes me fall sick two days before because I am nervous.”

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