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Shark Radhika reveals why entrepreneurship slowest way of earning


Shark Tank India

Season 3 has captivated viewers with its gripping episodes, which include individuals pitching their ideas in the hopes of getting money.

Shark Tank India 3

began on January 22nd, with six new judges joining the panel.

Radhika Gupta

, an


, just made her television debut on Shark Tank India Season 3.
In a recent podcast, Radhika Gupta opened up on why being an entrepreneur or

angel investor

is the

slowest way

to make money. She said, “That’s the lonely part of being an entrepreneur; you can choose to do a stable job and have a comfortable lifestyle. Then here, you’re slumming it out trying to get a document notarized, managing a pantry, hiring people who don’t want to join a startup. That comparison is tough.”
She further shared, “At FrontRow Capital, I would periodically ask myself why I am doing this. I could just be a banker and make a lot of money, and that is character—the ability to survive for years because you don’t make money quickly as an entrepreneur or as an angel investor. For that, you should do something else.”
Vineeta Singh

also added, “It is the slowest way to make money with the largest outcome.”

Earlier, Radhika had exclusively shared with ETimes TV, “So I don’t think any one of us who’s a woman who’s made it to the top of her field as a founder or CEO has had it easy. The fact is that we take on a lot of the load at home and a lot of the load at work. Unfortunately, people are also very quick to judge a woman. I was joking with Namita and Vineeta that, you know, women get trolled very easily for everything from how they look to what they say. You know, if we’re too aggressive on screen, we’re mean. It’s not easy. But I also believe that I try not to focus on this too much. I’m a very positive person and I think there are also tremendous advantages to being a woman. And I want to focus on that.”

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Radhika Gupta has had an outstanding career, progressing from investment banking to successful investor and Shark Tank judge. Her trajectory has been distinguished by successes in the difficult world of finance. With a good academic foundation, Gupta pursued degrees in finance and business administration at prestigious colleges. Her career path reflects her enthusiasm for financial markets and


, making her a well-known figure in the sector.

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