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Screenwriter, author Balram Mattannur passes away






Balram Mattannur

passed away

at the age of 62. Balram had been battling illness and undergoing treatment for some time. He is survived by his wife

K.N. Soumya

and daughter Gayathri.

The cremation ceremony for

Balram Mattannur

is scheduled to take place at 2 PM at the Pulluppi community crematorium on Thursday (April 18).

His impressive body of work in cinema and literature leaves behind a lasting impact on the world of storytelling.

Varshangalkku Shesham | Song – Nyabagam

Balram was known for his exceptional screenwriting skills and ability to adapt classic works into modern cinematic masterpieces. His most notable work includes the critically acclaimed film ‘Kaliyattam,’ an adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ set against the backdrop of the traditional Kerala art form, Theyyam. Directed by Jayaraj, the film highlighted Balram’s deep understanding of Theyyam, which was rooted in his childhood experiences.

His scriptwriting prowess extended to ‘Karmayogi,’ directed by VK Prakash, a reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ in the Kerala context. The film showcased Balram’s versatility and talent in creating thought-provoking narratives.
In addition to his contributions to cinema, Balram was a prolific author, writing notable books such as ‘Muyal Gramam,’ ‘Ravi Bhagavan,’ and ‘Balan.’ His literary works further demonstrated his deep insight into human emotions and relationships, resonating with readers and critics alike.

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