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Scarred by 2013 riots, woman, 60, orders time bombs; arrested



elderly woman



on Sunday for allegedly ordering preparation of four

time bombs

that were recovered from the possession of a man in Muzaffarnagar a few days back. During interrogation, the woman, identified as

Imrana Begum

, 60, of Shamli, told cops that her house was set on fire during the 2013

Muzaffarnagar riots

and she wanted explosives for protection in case any communal violence broke out in the future.

Javed, 25, (first name available only) had reportedly assembled the bombs with a timer after watching YouTube videos. He was held by UP special task force (STF) near Kali river in Muzaffarnagar on Thursday night.
A communique issued by STF on Sunday said Imrana claimed to have faced significant losses during the 2013 riots in Muzaffarnagar.
“She was furious at her home being gutted during the violence. She had recently met Javed, who was son of one of her acquaintances, and came to know that he was involved in making explosive devices. She had thereafter had the idea to get him to make some bombs which could be used in case of any future conflict,” the communique said.

According to STF officials, Imrana had given Javed Rs 10,000 in advance for preparing the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and had agreed to pay Rs 40,000 more upon delivery. Javed was arrested when he had come to deliver the IEDs to Imrana.
Imrana has been charged under IPC Section 286 (negligent conduct for explosive substance) and Sections 4/5 of Explosives Act and has been sent to jail. She is expected to be taken into police custody for further interrogation, Muzaffarnagar SSP Abhishek Singh said.
“A lot of facts need to be verified before we can say anything conclusive about the motive behind preparation of the time-bombs,” the SSP added.

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