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​Salman Khan’s healthy onion pickle recipe


An All rounder

Is there anything ‘Bhaijaan of Bollywood’ can’t do? Well, this old video shows that Salman Khan’s culinary skills are up to the mark.


Quick salad ‘Bhaijaan style’

In a throwback video that seems to be shot at Salman’s farm house, he is seen preparing a quick salad for lunch.


Let’s try it

The instant onion salad looks delicious and is worth giving a try. Let’s begin it in Salman’s style.


Baby onions

To a big bowl, Salman adds some raw peeled baby onions.


Fennel seeds

Next, he adds a spoonful of fennel seeds to the bowl.


Red chilli powder

​For the spice, Salman drops ¼ teaspoon of red chilli powder to it.​



Addressing the health benefits of it, Salman adds a teaspoon of Kalonji also known as onion seeds to the bowl.


Mustard oil

For the dressing, he adds a spoonful of raw mustard oil while cracking a joke with the person recording his video.


Salt to taste

He adds salt as per taste to the salad bowl.


Toss it all

Now, as a final touch, he tosses all the ingredients together for a minute.


Enjoy it with your meals!

In the end, he even complimented himself and said, “Amazing!” Well, we bet it was.


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