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RGV recalls Abhishek’s strange habit in Raavan


Ram Gopal Varma

has shared his thoughts on

Abhishek Bachchan

‘s ‘


‘, which was helmed by ace filmmaker

Mani Ratnam

. The 2010 film saw Abhishek reunite with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on the big screen after ‘Guru’ and narrated a modernized plot of Ramayana from Ravana’s perspective.
Speaking to Film Companion, RGV shared that the film left him feleing confused. He stated that Abhishek’s character had a ‘strange habit of constantly shaking his head’ and added, “When I was seeing it in the theatre, whenever he does that, everyone is looking at each other because they didn’t understand that… like did that really happen or…”
RGV further added, ““I called Abhishek and I asked him.

‘What was that?’ He said Mani and he discussed this. Raavan has ten heads but obviously in a contemporary thing, he can’t be having ten heads, so he had ten thoughts running in his head and he just shakes them off and sticks on one thought.”
Ram Gopal Varma stressed that this incident was a classic example of actor-director discussions which don’t translate as expected on the big screen. “This is something they have discussed separately. Now, I, as an audience, don’t know that. So, even a great director like Mani also… I made those mistakes also. What we think inside in the discussion room what comes outside (is different),” concluded RGV.
‘Raavan’ was released in Hindi and Tamil languages.

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