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Revisiting Katrina Kaif’s wedding lehenga


01/6The wedding

Katrina Kaif’s wedding to Vicky Kaushal was a highly anticipated event, and her bridal ensemble undoubtedly stole the spotlight. Opting for the renowned Indian designer Sabyasachi (Mukherjee), Katrina’s wedding lehenga was a masterpiece of elegance and opulence. The intricately crafted ensemble featured a rich colour palette and exquisite detailing, reflecting Sabyasachi’s signature style while capturing the essence of traditional Indian bridal couture. Let’s revisit Katrina’s breathtaking wedding look.

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02/6The lehenga

The deep vermillion or the ‘Sabya red’ Sabyasachi lehenga worn by Katrina Kaif showcased intricate hand embroidery, delicate embellishments, and luxurious matka silk fabric. With its voluminous skirt adorned with shimmering sequins, intricate threadwork, and traditional motifs, the lehenga exuded regal charm and timeless beauty. The ornate blouse, designed to perfection, featured intricate craftsmanship and intricate gold detailing, complementing the grandeur of the ensemble. Katrina’s choice of a Sabyasachi creation for her wedding day epitomised the fusion of traditional aesthetics with contemporary elegance, setting new standards in bridal fashion. The lehenga set also featured a veil, which was custom-trimmed with handmade kiran.


03/6​The jewellery

Accompanying her stunning lehenga, Katrina adorned herself with exquisite jewellery that added to her bridal allure. Opting for traditional Indian jewellery, she adorned herself with ornate pieces that complemented her bridal ensemble flawlessly. Her uncut diamond jewellery ensemble included a statement necklace, elaborate jhumka earrings, intricate bangles, a nath, and a temple jewellery-style matha patti, all crafted with precision and adorned with precious stones and pearls. Each piece of jewellery added a touch of regality and splendor to Katrina’s bridal look, elevating her beauty to ethereal heights.

Katrina adorned herself with bespoke kaleere designed by Mrunalini Chandra, personalized with dangling coins reminiscent of charms. These custom kaleeras, styled by Anaita Shroff Adajania, were further embellished with personalized messages curated by the bride herself. Each bangle featured delicate details of messenger doves, with 6-7 of them adorning each piece, while the charms and coins bore special messages from Katrina. Additionally, she complemented her look with smaller dangling kaleeras and chuda by Raabta by Rahul.


04/6​The makeup

Katrina Kaif’s bridal makeup was a vision of radiant sophistication, expertly executed to enhance her natural beauty while complementing her bridal ensemble. Her makeup artist focused on creating a flawless complexion with a luminous finish, using high-quality products to achieve a long-lasting and picture-perfect look. Soft, neutral tones were chosen for her eyeshadow, accentuating her eyes without overpowering her delicate features. Defined brows, fluttery lashes, and a subtle winged eyeliner added depth and dimension to her gaze, while a soft pink lip colour and a small red bindi completed the look with a touch of femininity. Katrina’s makeup was designed to enhance her bridal glow and radiate confidence and elegance on her special day.


05/6​The hair

For her wedding hair, Katrina Kaif opted for a timeless and sophisticated look that complemented her bridal ensemble beautifully. She styled her hair in a mid-rise bun with a center parting to accentuate her mathapatti, which was the focal point of her hairstyle. The bun was elegantly adorned with fresh white flowers, adding a touch of natural beauty and charm to her bridal look.

The simplicity of her hairdo allowed her lehenga and jewellery to take center stage, while still ensuring that her hair looked polished and picture-perfect throughout the festivities. Katrina’s bridal hairstyle was a testament to her timeless beauty and effortless grace, capturing the essence of modern Indian bridal elegance.


06/6​A memorable look

Katrina Kaif’s wedding ensemble, jewellery, makeup, and hair epitomised the epitome of Indian bridal opulence and elegance. From her stunning Sabyasachi lehenga adorned with intricate detailing to her exquisite jewellery that added a touch of regality, every aspect of her bridal look was meticulously curated to perfection. Her radiant makeup and timeless hairstyle complemented her bridal ensemble flawlessly, enhancing her natural beauty and exuding confidence and sophistication. Katrina Kaif’s wedding was a celebration of love and tradition, and her bridal ensemble will undoubtedly inspire brides around the world for years to come.


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