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Reveal action taken against BJP in ‘money laundering’ cases: Atishi


NEW DELHI: A day after getting a notice from the Election Commission, Delhi minister


on Saturday urged the

Enforcement Directorate

(ED) to disclose actions taken against

BJP leaders

regarding alleged

money laundering cases

At a press conference in New Delhi, the senior AAP leader criticized the Election Commission accusing it of favoring the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The EC had issued a notice to Atishi after she claimed that the BJP had approached her with an ultimatum to join the party or face arrest by the ED within a month.
“On the basis of mere doubt, the ED arrested

AAP leaders

Sanjay Singh, Manish Sisodia, and even the national convener of our party Arvind Kejriwal ji, even as no money trail was found against them.

“What action has the ED taken against the BJP leaders where the investigation agency has been able to establish a money trail,” she asked.
The AAP had last month requested the ED to investigate the BJP for allegedly receiving significant funds through

electoral bonds

in connection with a Delhi

excise policy scam

The party also challenged the ED to file a case against the BJP, alleging that the money trail in the case had reached the saffron party.
During the press conference, Atishi accused the BJP of using the Election Commission like other central agencies to target the opposition.
“The BJP has been using agencies like the CBI, ED and now the Election Commission to target AAP leaders and get them arrested. I want to tell BJP that it should stop hiding behind these agencies and battle AAP in the elections,” she said.

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