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Reasons why you should not dig into your partner


01/5These are the reasons

We all have a past and several skeletons in our closet but when we choose to be with someone, it is one of the ways to move forward and let bygones be bygones. We want to have a beautiful life with someone in the current moment. However, many people have a habit of digging into their partner’s past which can have a damaging effect on your relationship. It could be a disturbing past either for you or your partner. There are several reasons why you must not go in the past no matter how curious you are. Scroll down to know why.


02/5Trust issues

Past digging can be damaging to the pillar of trust. If your partner shares personal information with you and you use it against them or bring it up in arguments, it can damage the trust in your relationship.


03/5Insecurity & jealousy

Knowing about your partner’s past relationships or experiences can lead to jealousy or insecurity, even if they are not currently relevant to your relationship. Some people start comparing the things their partner did for someone from their past. This can get very toxic. You may even end up keeping unrealistic expectations from your partner.


04/5Unnecessary tension

Bringing up your partner’s past can lead to tension in the relationship, especially if it’s a sensitive topic or if you don’t agree with their choices. There may be small fights and it can ugly as well. So why dig the past?

Hurt feelings

Your partner may have made mistakes or had negative experiences in their past that they don’t want to revisit or discuss. Bringing them up can cause hurt feelings and resentment. Digging the past can also be mentally harassing especially if it was a sensitive issue.


05/5It is unfair

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