Raising a child who knows their strengths

Sep 6, 2023

Jigyasa Kakwani

​Raising a self-aware child​

Here are some tips to foster self-awareness in your child that will help them understand their strengths and weaknesses.


​Focus on what your kids enjoy​

Appreciate your child when they take part in different kinds of activities, especially the ones they enjoy.


​Encourage their positive character traits​

Appreciate how kind and loving your child is, to encourage them to embrace their kinder selves.


​Encourage self-reflection​

Teach your child to reflect on their actions and decisions. Help them understand that everyone has strengths and weaknesses.


​Positive reinforcement​

Praise your child’s accomplishments and efforts, but also acknowledge their areas for improvement. Ensure that praise is specific and genuine.


​Set realistic expectations​

Setting achievable goals based on their abilities will prevent your child from feeling overwhelmed or inadequate.


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​Embrace mistakes​

Teach your child that making mistakes is a natural part of learning. Encourage them to see mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning.


​Model self-awareness​

Lead by example by acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses. Share your experiences of overcoming challenges.


​Provide constructive feedback​

Offer feedback that is specific, constructive, and focused on improvement rather than criticism.


​Explore interests​

Expose your child to a variety of activities and interests to help them discover their strengths and passions.


​Encourage perseverance​

Teach your child the value of hard work and resilience. Show them that improvement often comes with consistent effort.


​Support individuality​

Celebrate your child’s unique qualities and talents. Avoid comparing them to others, as this can lead to insecurity.


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