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Rahul Gandhi’s innovative strategy to make people hear him


'Now that I have your attention ...': Rahul Gandhi's innovative strategy to make people hear him

Congress leader and candidate from Wayanad Rahul Gandhi captured public attention on Friday by addressing urgent problems of unemployment and poverty in a unique video featuring his pet dog on social media platform X. Gandhi criticizes Prime Minister Narendra Modi for high unemployment rates and pushing millions below the poverty line.

NEW DELHI: Congress leader and candidate from



Rahul Gandhi

on Friday employed a novel technique to capture public attention.

Congress party

posted a video featuring Rahul Gandhi on X (formerly Twitter), where he can be seen interacting with his pet dog.
Rahul Gandhi began by capturing attention with, “Now that I have your focus, I’d like to say something.” He highlighted the pressing issue of unemployment, saying, “India has experienced its highest unemployment rate in the last 45 years.

Narendra Modi

ji has pushed 23 crore people below the poverty line, whereas we had previously uplifted many out of poverty.”

Additionally, he asserted that “22 billionaires in India possess wealth equivalent to that of 70 crore Indians.”
“…And the world’s largest extortion scam has been orchestrated by Narendra Modi ji through

electoral bonds

,” he concluded in the final segment of the video.
The video was released following the conclusion of the first phase of the

Lok Sabha elections

, which spans across 21 states and Union territories in the country, with a total of seven phases in the electoral process.

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